These are resources that I have found to be helpful tools on my journey in life.

They have an affiliate commission link with Amazon, but I have only recommended references that I have read and found beneficial.

21 Day Communion challenge

Perhaps you need a change in your spiritual warfare and the fasting and rebuking.  Take a 3 week rest and just focus on Jesus and all that He has done for you at the Cross.  This is a 21-day devotional for contemplation and prayer while taking communion every day for 3-weeks. During week 1 - it covers the foundations of communion; week 2 - the body of Christ, and week 3 - the blood of Christ.  If you are indeed seated with Christ Jesus, come learn spiritual warfare from a place of rest and victory.

Identity and destiny

Discover the power of Purpose – You’ve read the books, you’ve done the seminars, and you’ve changed jobs, geography, and maybe even churches, but you’ve never really made peace with your past felt passion in the present or had purpose for your future.

Identity and Destiny – 7 Steps to a Purpose-filled Life is the missing link in your quest for fulfillment! Now you can answer the questions “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” By following the principles laid out in this amazing journey of discovery, you will have the foundational information and tools to put your life in high gear and live a life you love.

Completing the 7 Steps will help you: • Know and focus your God-given strengths, gifts, and passion. • Use the events of your past to benefit yourself and others. • Gain confidence through self-awareness and self-acceptance. • Transform your relationship with the Lord. • Establish a solid plumb line for all future decisions. • Improve every aspect of your life – career, finances, health, and relationships. • FIND, KNOW and LIVE your God-given purpose. THAT’S THE POWER OF PURPOSE!

With this workbook’s unique resources and user-friendly approach, you will discover God’s plan and have the tools to laser focus your future on the destiny you were created to fulfill.

Dialogue with God

Mark Virkler was instrumental in helping consistently hear from God in my quiet time. If you are a “left-brain” person, Mark works systematically through both his experience and how you too can hear from your Creator.

Find out how prayer–our link to God–is the most powerful and vital activity of our life. This book will lead you into a life-changing dimension of two-way communication with a loving God.