In addition to our podcast, we work with individuals and organizations to discover their God-given purposes.


Wired for greatness workshop

This seven hour workshop (either a Friday night and Saturday morning or all day Saturday) takes a participant through discovering how they are wired, what their core values are, how to deal with fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs, and how to discern God's direction and validation of purpose.



sweet spot coaching

Our coaching package is a set of intensive sessions to take you deeper into the Discover your Sweet Spot – Identity and Destiny program.  At the end of the Discover your Sweet Spot Coaching programs you will have covered three distinct areas:

1. The Intellectual Phase – here you will discover:

  •     personality profile,
  •     emotional resilience,
  •     top 5 core values,
  •     spiritual gifts,
  •     passion pursuit, and
  •     needs behind the passions.

2. The Bridge – this is where you learn tools to deal with fears, blocks and limiting beliefs.

3. The Spiritual Phase – here you will discover tools to help you prayerfully connect with God about what he says about you and to you through this process.

At the end, you will assemble the mosaic of information and experiences and be able to develop and validate your identity (who you are), your destiny (why you are here), and have the tools going forward to guide you in making life decisions congruent with who you really are!

Are you feeling overwhelmed in areas of your life? Are you wanting to accomplish more in your family, health, and work? The axiom "what gets measured gets done" is true! This online system takes individuals or their organizations through a 7 category assessment, then facilitates the setting of short term goals, bucket lists, and dream boards to help create a clear path to the next level.

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